Sunday, July 13, 2008

Free Microsoft Points

UPDATE: Sorry folks but they are all gone. Keep an eye out on my blog because I will post any time I find deals on Microsoft points or Xbox Live subscriptions.

Here is my first (and probably last) give away. Right now up for grabs I have 7 codes that are each worth 100 Microsoft Points. I know it's not much but maybe it will bump you up to that next level to get something you really want. To use one of the codes below visit, select "Redeem a Microsoft Points prepaid or promotion code"and then enter a code. You can only use one code per account. Once you have entered the code the points can be used on both Xbox Live and the Zune Marketplace. Please leave a comment to let me and others know when the codes have been taken.



Anonymous said...

thanks dude for the points

Anonymous said...

thanks dude for the points

Philip S. said...

Your welcome, hopefully you can find something you want. Is there any way you could let me know which codes you used?

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much...I used this code:
I do so appreciate this.

Forrest Gump said...

What! No E3 Coverage? what's the deal Phil? I thought you were the Man and would have all the inside scoop with everything going on at E3.

Let me guess, You had to work. Doesn't it Suck to have to work to get money, they should just get rid of money and everything is just free.

Philip S. said...

I'm sorry for the lack of E3 coverage, I was wanting to post the entire Microsoft press conference but I ran in to some technical difficulties so that won't happen. Once it's all over I will probably run a post about what I feel was the most interesting announcements. If you want normal coverage of E3, hit up

Gavino X said...

The 1st and 3rd codes appear to have been taken. Didn't check the rest. Very generous of you btw.

I've just started my own blog called: The Interesting Gaming Blog (& other curiosities)

It's here if you're interested:

Let me know what you think!

Anonymous said...

i tried 4 & 7. im assuming they are all used up.

Kameron said...

Dude, all of the codes were taken, and nobody marked 'em!!! I am sooo upset.Any other codes?:(