Friday, January 18, 2008

MacBook Air

A few days ago at MacWorld Steve jobs reveled the next Macbook which is the MacBook Air. It's main feature is it's size. Well it claims to be the smallest laptop in the world, it is not. It is the smallest on the market at this point in time. My question is who is this going to be marketed at?

It cost to much with a list price of $1,799 for the average consumer who just needs the internet and word processing.

With the lack of a CD drive it would be unusable for a gamer. (I know you could use a virtual drive but with non-upgradeable 80 GB Hard drive, good luck.)

The other person this could be marketed at would be the business man. The problems with that are the lack a CD drive. The fact that it is a Mac and could have compatibility issues, also it's lack of ways to connect devices to it. The Mac Book air offers up five ways to connect to it. You get Blue tooth and wireless-N, ONE USB port, one 3.5mm mini jack, and a Micro-DVI port, which from my research looks like a new port created just for this laptop. If you want to connect any thing to this new port you must have the right adapter, if not tough luck.

The only person I could see actually buying this thing would be the Mac Fanboys.