Friday, July 18, 2008


As I was watching Microsoft's E3 Press conference what I found to be the biggest surprise was not something that was announced, but rather something that was not talked about. That would be Bungie's next game. All signs pointed to an E3 announcement, they talked about it on their podcast, they teased it on Bungie day, then even went so far to to start a count down for it. But it never happened. Soon after it was revealed that Microsoft pulled it from their press conference because they wanted to "save time." For some reason I really doubt Microsoft would pull such a things for the sake of time. I think there is more then what we are hearing. One reason could be that once Microsoft had seen what Sony and Nintendo announced they realized that they were the winners of E3 this year. They could have then decided to delay the announcement for a time when they needed it to take back the limelight from Sony or Nintendo. Another reason for this is that Bungie was not ready, now I know that this is a stretch, but let's say for some reason or another Bungie thought they were ready and then found out they need more time. Do they really want to deal with the backlash of teasing for an announcement then backing out because or there inability to provide. Or would it be better for Microsoft, a company that is already hated by many to take the fall and save face for Bungie. Either way I still wonder why Bungie, who "loves" us, and is independent would not make the announcement any way. I'll save the rant on Bungie's "love" for another time.


calicocali said...

That's true but maybe they're doing it to gain even MORE publicity by building even more suspense? Who knows, everything did seem to point to an announcement.. just my thought.

Dr. Scientist said...

I wonder what the point of doing this is/was? they're crafty over there at bungie.