Saturday, August 23, 2008

Watch Youtube, Hulu on your PS3 Or 360

One of the biggest problems with websites like are that the videos are stuck on your computer. That is no longer a problem with this little program called PlayOn. PlayOn is a small piece of software that you run a computer connected to the same network as your Ps3 or 360. Once it is installed it allows you to stream videos from Hulu, CBS, YouTube, or ESPN to your 360 or PS3. The only draw backs of this program is that it is still in beta, and that it's only free for 60 days after that it's $30.

Personally it only worked to stream videos from ESPN, but I'm sure if I worked on it a little I could get other sites to work. The video quality for ESPN is not very good but it's better then nothing. Installing it took no more then ten minutes. It's definitely something to keep an eye on to see what happens in the future.

[Found on TECKH]