Sunday, October 18, 2009

Vizio TV and TV Mount Review

After having an ample time to get really see how these products have worked under everyday use I am finely telling you my pros and cons of these products.

First up the TV. I got a Vizio 32" 720P LCD, model VO320E. I ordered it from for $350 + tax. I have now seen this TV for less but at the time it was a pretty good deal. Over all the TV has a very good picture, and a few nice features. I have my 360 plugged into the second component, and every time I switch to it, it remembers to go straight to the 360. One thing lacking is that the remote does not have a button to switch to the VGA. Another draw back is the built in speakers. I find them to be rather lacking in the sound quality department. I do have it hooked up to another sound system so I do not use the built in speakers. The time is takes to change channels is a little slow, but it's not big enough to warrant not buying it. The one other thing that some might find annoying is the little Vizio logo is always glowing, when off, it glows orange when on it turns to white. I have the TV in my bedroom and the light does not bother me but it might bother others. In the end I would say it is a good HDTV, definitely worth what I paid for it.

Now for
When I was ordering the TV I was also offered a free 6' HDMI cable (a $30 according to dell). Once I got my order confirmation I saw that I was charged for the cable. I called dell and they told me that they could not do anything until I received it. Once I got it I called again, got transferred all around and finely got to someone who could help me. In the end I was told that the website was wrong and that the free HDMI cable was supposed to have ended months ago. In the end I shipped the cable back to them and got a full refund. I still find it unacceptable that dell would not update something like this.

Lastly the TV mount
The TV mount from I got was a Peerless Paramount Universal Tilting LCD/Plasma Wall Mount. The TV mount feels well built and sturdy. It did take two people to put it up, so I would not recommend trying it by yourself. The way the mount tilts is nice. You can choose between a few preset angles or just set your own. The best thing about it is that you don't need any tools to adjust it. The ratchets that you loosen are attached to the mount, a nice touch. The biggest draw back is that it can be a little difficult to plug stuff into the back of the TV because it is so close to the wall, but if you tilt the TV it is okay. Another nice thing about the mount is that it's not too hard to take the TV off the wall. All it takes is a screw driver. It's not so easy that I would do it often, but it's not to much work if you want to move it to watch the Super Bowl.