Thursday, September 25, 2008

Civilization IV: Colonization - My Thoughts

I have been a long time Colonization fan. When I heard that they were remaking the game I was very excited, this was something I had been waiting for for a long time. The original Colonization was one of those games that was fun but also had some big time annoyances that hindered the experience. This remake has fixed all of those.

So far there are only two things that have been removed that I miss from the original game. The first is the “go-to” command. The other is when you tell your ships to head to the new world from Europe, you can't pull it back if you accidentally send the ship.

My only other complaints with the game is that the music is not as good as it was in Civ 4, and you can't make a colonist work if he has half a turn and it does not tell you this. The first time it happened to me I thought it was a glitch in the game.

Now for what I like, of which there is a lot.
  • Everything has been stream lined, you can load and unload cargo with 2 clicks of the mouse.
  • The way you get Founding Fathers is awesome. If you do lots of trading it will be easier to get economic founding fathers. Same if you are doing lots of fighting you will have an easier time getting military minded founding fathers.
  • The king has been made out to appear mean. The way he looks and the sound work together nicely
  • When you give into the king and kiss his ring, it makes you feel weak for giving into him.
  • The natives no longer randomly attack you. They also no longer attack every treasure wagon they see.
  • No DRM besides needing the disk to play, not even an install code.
  • The $29.99 price point is nice break.

Overall I think this is a very well done remake of the original game, if you were a fan of that this is a must buy game. If you have never played a Colonization game now would be a great time to try one out.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Civilization IV: Colonization Unboxing

I just picked up Civilization IV: Colonization and did an unboxing video. I will post my thoughts of the game once I have had some more time with it.