Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wanna buy a Xbox Live account?

Want lots of gamersocore with out playing games to get it? Want a twitter account that already has a few 100 followers? Well if you do I have the site for you. It's called Assetize. It is a website where you can buy and sell different type of internet accounts. The list of accounts includes Xbox Live, PSN, twitter, plus other email and social networking sites. There really is no limit to what type of account you can sell. I think the idea of paying money for any type of account is just stupid. I am kind of surprised that this site is still around because I know that it is against Microsoft's TOS to transfer a Xbox Live account, and I am quite sure that it is the same way for many other sites who's accounts that are being bought and sold on this site. One problem with this site is that it could lead to a larger amount of account theft. But I'm not saying the site should be shut down, as long as the web sites do not have a problem with their accounts being sold. Then I see no reason why this site should be closed.

Thanks to Samir for the tip