Sunday, June 10, 2007

Halo 3 Beta

So as many of you know the halo 3 beta is ending tonight. I am sad to say that I did not get a chance to play the beta, but at the same time I will be all the more surprised on September 25. My reasoning for this post is what happened during the time the beta was active. You might have heard that people used some sort of a network glitch to get into custom games. Bungie why did you even have the code there to allow custom games. Why not just release the beta with out any of the text, menus, and even the options that were not used in the Matching Making part of the Beta. One other thing why did you (Bungie) leave in all the references to the Single player levels, why not replace the names of the levels with level 1, level 2... and that way the hackers would find out how many levels are in the game. And while your changing the names switch it so that they only find a reference too one level. After this Beta if in the final game there better not be any glitches in the game. Also why did you use Crackdown as a way in too the Beta. Ether let everyone in or make it exclusive. Don't force bunch of people to buy or rent a game just to play a DEMO of a game. It's a beta for crying out loud, you should want to get the most number of people as you can. But know this is Bungie, Microsoft's slave. I have to say from a business point of view it was genius. But I don't think that should be your goal. Your goal should to make a great game, if you do that then you should have no problem making money.

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