Thursday, June 21, 2007

Anti-Anti-Gameing Rally

The other day I Stumbled on this video about gamers and a rally held that tried to send out a message to the public. That message is that gamers are not all weird people that do nothing but play games until their minds have been zombiefied so that they go out and kill people. Gamers are the people that give you your coffee in the morning, gamers are the people that give you the mail. The point is that gamers are every where these days, some are more hardcore then others, but the gaming industry has become so big it is now one of the top forms of entertainment in western culture. It hasn't gotten this way because of a few people that sit in there parents basement and play games all day long. Here is the first part of the documentary, It was made by PBC Productions.

Here is part two.

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Heitz said...

good stuff, man! Can't believe I missed this when it originally came out.