Thursday, July 23, 2009

Madden 10 Demo Impressions

I just finished downloading and playing the Madden 10 demo. I have only played it once, but I can already see some of the problems from past years of Madden coming back again. The linemen don't play like real linemen, the defense doesn't really seem to be aware of where the ball is, and the graphics are not that much of an improvement, especially when you look at some of the pre-release screen shots. The one thing I did like was that they fixed the play calling screen. But I do find it funny that they are trying to sell that as a new feature in the game when it is very much the same as the play calling screen as Madden 99. The only reason it needed to be fixed was because they broke it. Looking at some of the other things that are supposed to be new and exciting was rather funny, like "make trades", or make-a-team. I remember making my own team in Madden 97, 13 years later and that is still supposed to be a new feature? The one thing I saw that did look a little promising was the ability to play in online leagues. That is something that could be fun and is also worthy of being added to Madden. I would like to play a retail copy of the game to see if has any other improvements. Sadly the demo only lets you play one game with one minute quarters.


Anonymous said...

Preorder the game for Gamestop. 5 minute quarters are availble

Philip S. said...

I am not planning on buying Madden 10 this year, I just don't see a point in that. Also I think that the idea of buying the game to get the demo is ridiculous. The whole point of a demo is to see if the game is good and if you want to buy it.

Anonymous said...

This is why I do not pick up Madden games at launch anymore. I would rather play it at a friend's house or play my old Madden clones.

Maybe I'll pick it up at a price cut if I think it is worth it.