Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's Spring Time

It's spring and you all know what that means... Xbox 360 dashboard update! I'm surprised that nothing had really been said about it yet but it should be out some time in the next few months. Here are a few things I hope they add.

I love listening to music on my 360 while playing games but the controls need some help. I think to fix this Microsoft needs to add better in game controls. It would be much easier if all I had to do to change song was hold down a few buttons. Like make it so if you hold all the triggers and bumpers then the joysticks take control of the music.

Another thing that would be a nice addition to the system would be a way to change which controller port you are connected too. It can get really annoying because I always have my GH2 guitar plugged in and it gets annoying have to sign out with it then sign in with the controller I'm using. I just want a screen I can go to and move around which controller is connected where.

The last thing that I think would be nice for the 360 is to allow me to download podcast to my 360. They already have a great collection on the Zune marketplace so why not allow me to save them to my 360. And if your going to do that why not just put the whole market place on the 360. It already uses them same "currency" and ID.

Well that's what I'm hoping for, any one else have any ideas?

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