Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gaming Podcasts

I have recently started listening to some different gaming podcasts. I thought it would be good to make a post of all the different ones I listen to.

My favorite podcast is the one from Xbox360Fanboy. As the name would suggest they mainly focus on the Xbox 360 and news from Microsoft. New fancast (their term for podcast) are released every Monday.

The next one I always find my self waiting to download is Joystiq's podcast. This one is very much like that of Xbox 360 Fanboy, except that they talk about all gaming and not just Xbox 360. You can expect new content from the 'stiq every Friday.

The last podcast I listen too is that from CheapAssGamer. This podcast is quit different from the other two. In that one of the two people that are on the podcast lives in Japan. Also this podcast talks about deals in gaming. All new and old episodes can be found here, they are all hosted online so there is no need to download them.

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